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Jim's Halloween Page 2

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Here are some other Halloween links on the Web:

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
  Your One Source for All things Halloween.
Carla's Halloween Page
Ben & Jerry's Halloween Page
Brandt's Halloween Links Page
Darkside of the Net
  Over 800 links to sites about Halloween.
Halloween Caverns of Blood
  Free online games, scary graphics and spooky fun!
Elvira Mistress of the Dark on-line
  With many links to other Elvira pages.
Halloween Links
  Over a thousand links to sites all over the web and all are strictly Halloween sites!
New York Institute of Photography
  Tips and hints on taking pictures on Halloween night.
A Halloween Treat
  Lots of Halloween Ideas here!


Do you need some help carving out your Jack O' Latern?


PC Jack-O-Latern
  Want the coolest pumpkins on your block? PC Jack-O-Lantern Software allows you to create your own Jack O' Lantern pattern.
Spooky Master
  Online spooky pumpkin carving patterns.
Jack O'
  Home of Jack-O-Lantern history, techniques, tools, free patterns and information. will help you create your own "spooktacular" versions of Halloween's most famous icon.
Pumpkin Masters
  Home of the creator of the world's best selling pumpkin carving kit. Their specially designed carving kits make creating pumpkin masterpieces fun and easy.

Funkin' Pumpkin - Artificial Carvable Pumpkins
  A site with ideas for a longer lasting Halloween experience.

Check out these sites for some frightfully delicious treats for your Halloween guests. Halloween Food Shop

All Halloween Recipes

Not Just for Kids! Trick & Treat Recipes

Halloween Recipes - Tricks & Treats

Billy Bear's Halloween Party Treats
  Help to make your Halloween party a treat for the kids!

Halloween Party Ideas
  Help to make your Halloween party a little different.

All Recipes Perfect Plans for Halloween Parties
  "Calling ALL Spooks!"

The Pumpkin Patch
  Recipes for pumpkins and everything you need to know about pumpkins for Halloween.

iVillage Halloween Recipes
  Doesn't crust crud, mud lumps, purple thumbs or swamp slime sound delicious? Try some these tasty recipes for your Halloween party.

FunRoom Halloween Index

The Candy Warehouse
  Grab those Gummy Fangs and candy corn here.

The Godiva Chocolate Online Company Store
  Trick or Chic, for the adults, grab some Pumpkin Patch truffles here.

Hershey's Halloween 2005 Headquarters
  Check out Hershey's site for some Halloween fun!

Wanda's Halloween Cookbook
   Wanda, the Official Kitchen-Witch for Halloween Online shares her favorite Halloween recipes from her traditional Halloween Cookbook!


Do you need help finding or making the right costume for Halloween?

14 Terrific time-saving costumes by FabricLink

Fangshop Online in NYC
  The world's only full time fangsmith (custom made fangs) retail shop in the world

Monster Makers
  An exclusive source for do-it-yourself Halloween mask making, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Nightmare Factory
  Assorted body parts for that perfect costume! And Haunted House info

Danny's Trix and Kix Superstore
  They carry a huge selection of Halloween costumes for kids and adults, Halloween masks, Halloween decorations, accessories, wigs, hats and everything else for Halloween

ForPlay Sexy Costumes
  They have an unbelievable selection of sexy Halloween costumes, whether you want to be flirty, playful, cute, sexy or just plain naughty!

  Do you need help making props for YOUR own haunted house?  

Halloween Forum
  Read and discuss Halloween ideas

Castle Blood
  Costumes, props and haunted house info

Bucky's Boneyard
  A Halloween crypt of bargains! Find a wide selection of durable plastic skeletons, skulls and bones, as well as other anatomical novelties. The website also contains "Boneyard Tips" for haunting and making your own Halloween creations

Mourning Cemetery Props
  The minds that build your nightmares - A new project, creating skeleton cemetery columns, has been added to the project page.

Haunt Your House
  Learn how to haunt YOUR house for Halloween!

Halloween Museum
  This place has lots of great inspiration and info on decorating your house and yard for Halloween

Haunted Fog props
  Fog and lighting controllers, masks, party decorations and more

Corpses for Sale
  They have some pretty realistic stiffs or they'll tell you how to build your own

Devious Concoctions
  Will aid you in design and creation of your own devious concoctions, includes tips, tricks, resources and methods for use in unlimited applications and design ideas

101 Halloween Ideas
  101 Ideas to haunt your house for Halloween - Such as, use clear food-handlers plastic gloves to freeze ice hands to throw in the punch bowl. It will keep it cold and look great! See site for more tips!

Caryn's Haunted Playhouse for 2005
  A fun site with info and links on haunted houses, Halloween graphics, vampires, ghosts, witches, and "The Top-Ten reasons Why Trick-or-Treating is better than sex"!

  Halloween costumes, special effects, props and fog machines.

  From Halloween costumes to Pumpkin Carving to Halloween decorations, they've created every web site listed there, to act as individual "How-To-Guides" to help make your Halloween celebration as fun and frightful as possible.

Here's links for some crafty web sites with clip art and other Halloween projects. Halloween Craft Projects for Families

BillyBear 4Kids Halloween Pages

Celebration Corner
  Recipes, crafts, activities and stories for Halloween fun, for the entire family.

Where everyday is Halloween
  From the creator of the Halloween Tarot Deck

Morticia's Morgue
  Be sure to check out her antique Halloween postcards page

Victorian Halloween Postcards
  Gothic tales, images, and whimsy from the Victorian era icluding Halloween costume and party ideas

Halloween Magazine
  For all things Halloween

Halloween Cavern of Clipart
  You'll find tons of Halloween clipart at this site.

Check out these links for some Halloween music.

Halloween Carols
  A good old-fashioned Halloween sing-a-long with music and lyrics

Pumpkin Carols from Weis College
  More creepy karaoke - a goofy Wiess College tribute to the night of the walking dead. And you thought college students spent all their time studying? Scary!

Check out Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery for some GREAT work!

Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery

Below are some past samples of my Halloween wallpaper collection.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me, and stop in again sometime soon!

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