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Jim's October 2009 Web Page

A Perfect Maple Leaf

Hello, and welcome to my seasonal page for the month of October, 2009.

"Come in, pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of coffee with me."

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Henry David Thoreau's "Autumnal Tints"

From The Atlantic Monthly (October 1862)
Note the year of this publication?

Thoreau's Autumnal Tints
"Europeans coming to America are surprised by the brilliancy of our autumnal foliage.
There is no account of such a phenomenon in English poetry,
because the trees acquire but few bright colors there."

"The autumnal change of our woods has not made a deep impression on
our own literature yet. October has hardly tinged our poetry."

Autumn Definition

(The following Autumn Definition is from the Wikipedia online encyclopedia)

Autumn, also known as 'Fall', (in North American English) is one of the four temperate seasons.
Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter.
In the northern hemisphere, the start of Autumn is generally considered to be September 21.

Around this time, deciduous trees shed their leaves. The leaves of the trees change their color to a reddish hue prior to falling. Such colored leaves have come to be colloquially called "Fall Foliage". In the temperate zones, Autumn is the season during which most crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves. It is also the season during which days get shorter and cooler, the nights get longer, and precipitation gradually increases (in some parts of the world).

The word 'Autumn' is derived from the French word 'automne', and became popular in usage for the season
since the 16th century. The North American name for the season, 'Fall', is probably derived as a
contraction of the phrase, "Fall of the leaves" and has since became used interchangeably.

Eastern Canada and the New England region of the United States are famous for the brilliance of
their "Fall Foliage," and a seasonal tourist industry has grown up around the few weeks in Autumn
when the leaves are at their peak. Some television and web-based weather forecasts even report
on the status of the fall foliage throughout the season as a service to tourists.
Fall foliage tourists are often referred to as "Leaf Peepers".
Are you a Leaf Peeper?

Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs
by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn months, one or many colors that range from
red to yellow. The phenomenon is commonly called "Fall Colors or Autumn Colors", while the expression,
"Fall Foliage", usually connotes the viewing of a tree or forest whose leaves have undergone the change.
In some areas in the United States (notably New England), "Leaf Peeping" tourism between the beginning
of color changes and the onset of leaf fall, or scheduled in hope of coinciding with that period,
is a major contribution to economic activity.

For a better explanation of the actual leaf changes,
see Wikipedia's "Autumn Leaf Color Change" page here:
Autumn Leaf Colors

Autumn Leaf Color - Why do leaves change color in the Fall?
By Science Made Simple, Inc.
Science Explains Leaf Color
Learn why leaves change color and fall off the trees in autumn.
Plus, get great science projects here.

Fall in New Hampshire

Autumn Projects for Kids

Children's Activities for Autumn from DLTK
DLTK Childrens Activities
Printable templates for autumn crafts, coloring pages, songs for preschool, kindergarten and grade school kids.
Autumn Coloring Books for Kids from DLTK
Coloring Books
Free, printable autumn (fall) coloring book pages for kids.
Links for Elementary Teachers and Parents
Online Autumn
Also be sure to check out their "Autumn Links" page for more ideas.
Autumn Crafts from Disney's Family Fun page
Autumn Family Fun
Browse craft ideas for the autumn season, including handmade fall gifts, fall recipes and fun for kids of all ages.

Here are some links to help you prepare your
favorite Autumn dishes:

 Cooking.Com KitchenLink.Com Noon Mark Diner Mail Order Pies!
Don't have the time to make your own seasonal pies for the family dinner table? Then, click the link to see a list of their pies! They offer more than 50 varieties!
Famous for their delicious homemade pies, Noon Mark Diner now makes these wonderful taste treats available to you anywhere in the continental United States. Made with "from scratch" hand rolled crusts and fresh or frozen (not canned) fillings, each pie order is carefully packaged and sent second-day U.P.S. (faster shipping available at higher cost). The oven-fresh pies are allowed to cool, then packaged and sent.
 Noon Mark Diner Mail Order Jams, Breads and Rolls!
They also offer Jams, Breads and Rolls - 'cause it always tasted better in the Adirondacks' for sale online and shipped to your door.
Remember Thanksgiving visits to your grandmother over in Sleepy Hollow; when you walked into the house through the back door that led to the kitchen, you were suddenly overwhelmed by the aroma of homemade bread still baking in granny's oven…you just couldn't wait to be the first to have a slice. Try the Noon Mark Diner bread or rolls and you'll think you're back at granny's. The diner is located on Route 73, Keene Valley, NY, nestled in amongst the Adirondack High Peaks. Noon Mark Diner has built a reputation for featuring "homemade food" and really meaning it, the diner specializes in homemade bread and, of course, the now-famous homemade pies. Be sure to order early enough to have them on hand for your October or November dinner table!

Fall at home on the farm

How To Photograph Autumn Color

From the New York Institute of Photography

Autumn Photographing Tips
This article gives you some ideas for how to get the best results photographing fall color in your area.
Written by NYI Dean Chuck DeLaney, who shares his experiences photographing fall color
over the past two decades, you'll enjoy using the tips he has to offer.

St. Joseph Island Road

Autumn Image Libraries

If you want to add some autumn color to your computer, go to these sites and download
the images to your "My Pictures" folder.

Here's a somewhat detailed explanation of how to make online images work as computer wallpaper.

For any images that you might want to use for wallpaper on your home computer,
left-click on that image, then when the image appears, right-click on it, and
select "Save picture as" to your "My Pictures" folder, under any name you wish to save it as.

Once you have saved it in your "My Pictures" folder, then you right-click on your screen, go to "Properties"
then browse your hard drive to the "My Pictures" folder and set that image as your wallpaper image.

Flickr: Photos tagged with "Autumn"
Autumn photos on Flicker

Apple Blossom - Autumn Wallpaper
Apple Blossom Wallpaper
Over 250 FREE Fall and Autumn desktop wallpaper downloads

Autumn Screen Savers
Autumn Screen Savers

Or do a search on any Search Engine for "Autumn Wallpaper"

I, personally, use Webshots Software to manage my wallpaper and screensavers.
Click their logo below if you are interested in learning more about their software.

Webshots Photo Manager

Legacy of Hope

Click the above logo to go to the "Legacy of Hope" Cancer Awareness Page

This is the link for NWF's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
Click the above logo for more information.
Join in this fun and rewarding experience to keep wildlife in your backyard!

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